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They might also have just been new players

  • January 30

    However, does that mean that I was killing robots off until position 10? Not automatically. But rumors are definitely flying about. Other people at Polygon have their own suspicions, and right now there is a collection of dozens of Maple M Mesos threads on Reddit full of players that are simply amazed at their capability in the game straight from the gate. That's sending up all types of red flags locally.

    Perhaps they weren't bots, though. They might also have just been new players trying to get their bearings. Either way, I'm not even convinced I care. What is confusing is why that's not made clear at the beginning. Some people feel as though they're being lied to, that Maple Story Corp. and Tencent could at least be transparent about which players are human and which ones are robots.

    If it turns out that there are robots in the game at low levels, a few people might feel cheated out of the thrills they've had already. Battlegrounds is an extremely complicated game, and several cellular players just haven't been exposed to something like this earlier. In fact, prior to last year, this went for many games console and PC players also. Battlegrounds itself has roots in the Arma series, a hardcore infantry simulation, one so true that a variant is utilized to train active-duty paratroopers in the U.S. Army.

    If you've been playing Battlegrounds for some time like I have, remember those first few rounds with the game last year when it was new, how frustrating and terrifying that they were. If the programmers were to mmogdp place that on mobile without some accommodations, people would bounce off of it real quick. So perhaps a few bots are not such a poor compromise.Maple Story and Fortnite: Battle Royale are fighting it out on mobile today, and an intriguing consensus has emerged: Maple Story is the better of both, not just in terms of gameplay, but also functionality.