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In some ways that is the opposite

  • January 24

    In some ways that is the opposite of what we see on PC and consoles, in which maplestory 2 buy mesos is widely accepted since the better-performing of those 2 games. (Which is better or more entertaining is still up for debate.)

    There's 1 thing that Maple Story does on mobile that Fortnite is still learning: It feels like an actual mobile game.

    Fortnite is charged as a game that's basically the same across all platforms. You can login to your Epic account and play on your telephone, your PC, your PS4, your Xbox One or your Mac and all your progress carries over across all these systems. 1 account to rule them all, 1 game to bind them.

    Epic has gone so far as to let cross-play between mobile players and best price for Maple Story 2 Mesos PC players or console players that's honestly somewhat radical. However, the disadvantage of this idea is a portable game that feels a bit too awkward to perform. Outside of its clever visual-audio cues, Fortnite still feels a bit like a console game dropped clumsily into a mobile format.