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How to Fix "Problem Ojecting USB Mass Storage Device"

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    November 27, 2018 8:41 PM PST

    USB products are everywhere in the world, such USB flash drive, USB hard drive, USB memory stick, even the keyboard, mouse, SD card or other computer components & accessories can be connected with computer by USB port.

    Because of the huge capacity of the USB products, we are now storing whatever we want into the storage, such as docs, photos, archive files, videos, music, etc. It's not difficult to image this, data loss problem happen due to its frequent use, and we can list 4 common data loss on using USB products.

    1. Plug off the USB product while it's still reading & writing.
    2. Power supply failure due to the laptop or digital camera is out of battery.
    3. There are bad sectors on the USB product.
    4. Accidentally deletion, wrongly formatted or other improper operation caused data loss.

    We've encountered several common USB product's issues, problem ejecting USB mass storage device is one of the issues. Do you know why we are always having data loss on using USB products?