Ruggedsumo Rugged Android Tablet is 100% Rugged

  • Rugged Sumo is situated at Shenzhen. For 7 years, we have been involved with three defense business. Are you a small scale business, or you have progressed a little and grown bigger? Or is your business in need of a three-proof Rugged Android Tablet ? Do not worry, we got you covered.

    Our Rugged Android Tablet is 100% Rugged. (Click konw more details)

    Dust IP Resistant

    Also, these rugged tablet is IP65, this makes it difficult for dust to go into the tablet hereby making your work in a harsh environment not hampered.


    Our Android tablet is designed to be waterproof. This implies that it can be used even in environmental or industrial operations that involves contact with water such as oceanography or used sea survey industries.


    Our Rugged tablets are designed to MIL-STD-810G and are built to withstand significant shock and vibration.

    At , our Rugged Tablet is designed for business and outdoor use. Sumo’s rugged android tablet is designed to have multiple scene applications which make it the best fit for field works. The battery life is awesome which makes it a good device for your outdoor use.