Air Jordan 1 Neutral Grey Will Release Next Month

  • What new tricks will Air Jordan 1 play next year? This may be a question in the hearts of many people. Air Jordan 1 Neutral Grey, which has been exposed several times before, shows everyone the new side of Air Jordan 1. Recently, Instagram shoes account @hanzuying has taken a more complete picture. If this year's Air Jordan 1 is a black toe trend, there may be a variety of new designs in the mainstream next year. The "Neutral Grey" features black and light khaki, with pink details on the upper and pink khaki leather with black high-quality leather for a nice texture. In addition to color matching, the word “SP 19 AIR JORDAN HIGH OG” on the outside of the shoe is very eye-catching. I don’t know if it’s a unique design or it will be added to Air Jordan 1 next year.

    This year, Nike Air Force 1 launched a number of colors with a high degree of sincerity. Recently, there is another yin and yang color matching official release, and the preview will be released soon. Based on Nike's most classic Air Force 1 High, the details are designed to be the highlight of the pair. The body of the shoe is designed with a yin and yang body, with black on the outside and red on the inside, which is similar to the Air Jordan 1 yin and yang. The white color at the toe and the black and red color at the shoe body create a splicing texture. At the same time, the black, white and red colors collide with the good retro temperament, which is quite attractive! The “flame” pattern on the heel, as well as the “ATL” lettering on the velcro, may represent the Atlanta theme.

    This year, Jordan Brand brought a number of "Tinker Manuscript" color matching sneakers, which attracted a large number of OG-level sneaker players and received great acclaim. After the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 3 and Air Jordan 10 are released for sale, the last Air Jordan 8 Tinker Air Raid II will also debut this month. Inspired by Tinker's classic Air Raid II, the Air Jordan has the same cross strap design as the Air Jordan 8. The body is finished in pure black, and the upper is made of suede and Air Raid II's signature nylon fabric, giving the outdoor sneakers a rugged and durable style. The Air Jordan 8's iconic TPU and the red, yellow, blue and green color graffiti styles of the tongue are all ethnic, and the lining and midsole are also decorated in color. The cool, pure black theme has a bright-eyed color look, making it an excellent choice for the winter.