Path of Exile - Private leagues announced with special mods

  • Grinding Gear Games have announced Private Leagues for Path of Exile. Here you can design your own rules together with friends.

    Even before Grinding Gear Games introduces Update 3.5.0 for Path of Exile next week, the developer has: A special game POE Currency mode where you can play along with friends according to your own rules.

    In the development, Grinding Gear Games thought of two groups of players: those who want more content and those who just want to play with their friends without being able to get help from other players or deal with them.

    Private matches for real money

    The private leagues are not free. To create one, you need 120 points. The cost is about 10 euros. For this you get a 10-day league with 10 players.

    You can share the costs via crowdfunding with other players. All invited players are allowed to merge their points. The league does not start until it is successfully financed.

    Heavier thanks Mods

    It is important to the developer that the private leagues are not simpler than the normal ones. Therefore, it is not possible to reduce the level of difficulty in any way. On the other hand, you can make it heavier with a series of mods that you can add at will and at no extra cost. Once the league has started, you can not change the made adjustments. And you can Buy POE Items from the site of MMOAH.