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    It very much depends where they fall in the heirarchy of the family, the most important royals (the ones in the government and at the heads of large businesses) along with their direct families are unbelievably rich, and they get treatment like you described. But the entire family numbers over 15,000 And while a good number of them lead fairly normal lives,

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    So far S6 actually seems to have a pretty clear story based on loading screens and ingame stuff. T100 skin especially seems to be linked to Dusk and Sanctum appearing on the island.Cube lifts loot lake island up, at the same time a large castle appears above haunted hills. Castle is home to Sanctum and Dusk who begin terrorizing the island. Along with them packs of Werewolves begin roaming Wailing Woods.

    Calamity parents are killed, likely by Dusk, she leaves her home near Paradise Palms and becomes a Vampire Hunter.Fable begins to hunt down the various monsters appearing around the map, she saves Giddy up from the werewolves. The wolves and vampires are possibly connected, leading Fable to Dusks castle.

    After that you back and you go to your krugs because they will have respawned and do another full clear. If you were able to get a scuttle you will now be level 6.During your full clears you ALWAYS look for free ganks or easy counterganks, or invades. If you can get their raptors for free because the enemy is ganking bot, take them. If he stays bot you take his krugs as well.

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