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  • A long time ago in a childhood far, far away, I read a short story about an astronaut spacewalking 07 runescape gold alone doing some menial repair task, I think when a huge object whizzes close by at tremendous speed. It's gone in the blink of an eye, but for a fraction of a second he sees jagged corroded metal and shattered portholes. A derelict alien ship, adrift for millenia, and he is the only human to have ever witnessed it.

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    A year or two ago I read a sci fi short story, it was freely available online. The first half is a chillingly plausible dystopia where all human workers use headsets feeding them step by step instructions, turning nearly the entire workforce into automatons. (Starting with fast food outlets but eventually subsuming nearly all professions.)

    The second half is a less convincing techno utopia in Australia. A lot of cyberpunk seems to have been short of the mark, but my vague memories of their precursors (like John Brunner) lead me to think that there were creators in the 1960s and 1970s who were better at looking forward. Niven did it in the Ringworld series. Simmons apparently did it. Now I find out that Herbert did it in the later Dune books.

    Name That Book: Sci fi shoots arrows to build faraday cage It seems to be a common phenomenon, but is there a specific name for it?A very old sci fi short story, memory triggered by OumuamuaI'm struggling to remember the name of a book I read from a school library around 1995. I remember very little other than towards the end of the story

    the hero was fighting some sort of machine or robot. He used a bow to fire wires/cables over the top of the robot. With each cable the robot became less powerful as he believed he was building a faraday cage which was weakening it's powers. However, it was a ploy and the robot was feigning weakness. [more inside]Need the title of a space based science fiction novel

    Around 10 years ago I read a science fiction paperback novel (that I think had been recently published) and I can't remember what it was called. All I can remember is that it was largely set on a spacecraft and there were a group of Humans investigating a series of horrible deaths on a planet and on another spacecraft. They found the bones of the missing people buried on the planet they were investigating.

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