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  • Locket scales with bonus HP, so actually building something like Randuins for the AoE cheap runescape gold slow, or Deadman Plate for extra CC, and more move speed to help warding, is not bad.I rather my support have a locket with bonus HP items, than have a locket support that has Frozen Heart, Banner of Command, Support item, Boots, which means their locket does Jack shit.

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    Also why are you counting Resolve tree, and the support item for bonus HP? It doesn make a difference because both type of supports will have that, except the one building Zekes has 0 bonus HP, and HP is a better stat in terms of survivability than raw resists after the first resist item.Important to note, the support with better survivability will stay alive longer to use his abilities, and soak damage through Vow.

    Look for opportunities to fight her. Cait is a very strong laner thanks to the absurd ranges but is quite weak at actually fighting and does poorly in jungle ganks, etc. Ideally you have a melee support and can engage on her, but sometimes you just going to lose lane and the tower, it just what the champion does. To deal with her you really want to abuse her weak phase between the end of lane and lategame as she approaches full build. Group,

    This seems like an incredibly stupid change. Like the majority of people this affects are people doing stuff with capitals on gates (generally good) while targeted at people tryharding SUPER HARD for some facwar LP (who cares). fight, take neutrals+towers and there won be a lot that a cait can do about it in the midgame.

    If ccp want something to fix why not consider that feroxes and large artillery BS have been near ubiquitous for almost 2 years or the absolute over poweredness of SS fighters and LR fibos? Like there's some big ass balance issues you can fix ccp you didn't need to make a change that fixes very little and inconveniences very much

    There no reason to ever put defensives in a revolution bar, instead just focus on manually activating them (clicking etc) when appropriate. Edit2: thanks for the gold. But instead of buying reddit gold consider donating to the National Indigenous Women's Resource Center.

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