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  • Aimed at a much younger audience, Club Penguin is a virtual world created by Disney. Users' avatars osrs gold are customizable penguins that can be dressed up as desired. The penguins can then be used to navigate around the Club Penguin world, taking part in games and puzzles in order to win online coins. These coins can be used to buy clothes and furniture for the penguin and his igloo.

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    What was indentured servitude like in the colonies?it was hard work for them and they were always doing what someone else wanted them to do. indentured servents were not like your normal African American slaves in colonial time. as the colonies grew though the institution of indentured servents became corrupt. the masters started changing the rules on when the servents were allowed to leave this did eventually,

    If you weren't a farmer then you traded up and down the Connecticut river with the Native Americas they would give steel tools for furs from the animals. .You can make a living of agriculture (farming wheat, barley, oats, corn, and fishing. . .There is a temperate climate and right by a body of water .along with many other factors, lead to slaves being veiwed as lifelong property (MORE)

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    and also, there was no electricity. Most furniture was made by hand; if you were wealthy, you could get very elegant furniture and carpets from Europe, but most colonial tradesmen (shoemakers, carpenters, blacksmiths, etc) probably did not have elegant furnishings; they bought whatever they were able to afford, or they bartered with local craftsmen and women.

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