Most folks will realize the aspects of vanilla

  • Vanilla 2 will be the right move following a healthful phasing of this raid content on official WoW Classic servers. WoW Classic will likely be a new experience for the majority, and speaking from personal experience having played the game since day 1 in 2004 to 2006 and raiding hardcore lately on Nost and Light's Hope, individuals will be having a blast for at least 6 weeks to a year (this is with ALL of the answers provided you to buy wow classic gold, thanks to WoW Classicdb, youtube, addons, etc). For whatever reasons (I could give a few), following AQ launches, the appeal on personal servers appear to decrease, but on official WoW Classic there will be streamers and communities which would likely keep the momentum relatively high.

    It's my expectation at this point, most folks will realize the aspects of vanilla and how it can be utilized as a formula for games that are new and content, from many others or Blizzard. The very first method of enlarging Vanilla (BC) was arguably misguided, making incorrect presuppositions regarding what needed improving upon to'make the sport better'. A Vanilla 2 should perhaps be a entirely new 1-60 experience utilizing the same mechanics, level progression, etc. with a few changes to abilities, talents, etc. in an entirely new world, full of fresh stunt puzzles, balanced PvP, and the like - using what's been learned since vanilla, while keeping the essence of what makes an MMORPG so good that Vanilla totally had.

    They execute items that they wanted to but did not cough assembly stones cough its 2018 now and could make it less buggier. Summoning every other to dungeons isnt gonna make matters less fun. Help quality of life. So long as they dont perform hardcore changes[though I hear phasing is coming] we ought to be fine. I am. Eing dont and optimistic believe they are currently gon na ruin that which we love. However, it might be a tiny better for more casuals players. I doni the number of friends I attempted to have on a. Private server simply to be enjoy this isnt even fun. I feel they might add some things none of us want like lfg Should they wana capture a few of those people. But who knows.

    Blizzard got a chance to produce the specs viable. I really don't want druid, priest, paladin or a shaman to be an dps as rogue or a mage. I want to have more diversity in both pve and pvp. If a would do 65-70% the harm of a real dps class only, who would mind that? Vanilla wow was not good because every class only had 1 workable specs in end game pve content (expect warrior), but on account of the community, the mining and the course dream of elysium project cheap gold. I think there should be adjustments made to best the game so as. For instance: a few spells for courses crusader attack or water protect. Small changes that make a impact. Or new places beneficial for specs which weren't workable in vanilla.