AWC 2019 will introduce a revolutionary “Global Ban Pick” mode

  • The best team in the world for the Valor Mobile MOBA Arena will fight it out in Da Nang, Vietnam from the end of June to mid-July. This is the first time AWC has taken place in Vietnam and will feature 12 teams from nine regions, including Japanese newcomers, who just got a server in November last year. Last year, the inaugural AWC was held in Los Angeles, with Korea setting aside Thailand 4-3.

    All matches will be the best-of-seven series. The quarter-finals will also introduce the application of a global ban taking mode, where the heroes chosen by the team in the previous match of the match cannot be selected in the next match of the same series. This mode has been applied to force players to be more flexible with their choices. This will also be beneficial for viewers of the 2019 Valor World Cup Arena, which will be able to see different combinations of drafts, strategies and heroes. But if the series runs seven full matches, the global ban selection mode will not be applied and players are free to choose whatever hero they want. If you want to Buy Arena of Valor Accounts, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

    The semifinals will be held on July 13 and the grand final will follow the day after July 14. All matches will be streamed on the Arena of Valor Facebook page so fans can capture action from anywhere in the world. To improve the audience experience better, AWC 2019 will introduce a revolutionary "Global Ban Pick" mode from the knockout stage and so on. Global Ban Pick is a rule that the same hero cannot be played more than once in a match on the same team. Heroes used by teams in the previous game are automatically banned in the remainder of their matches during the same match, thus increasing the gameplay and diversity of pick heroes.