NBA Live 20 is a capable and competent basketball game

  • NBA Live 20 is heads and shoulders above its competition with its Court Battles mode and it's a fantastic piece of innovation. Court Battles charges players with designing their own home basketball court. After the court is designed, a home and away team are created. These teams then go out and challenge other players across the globe for rewards and glory. It's playground basketball on a global scale as wacky rules can be instituted like dunks being worth a ridiculous amount of points. Court Battles is arcade-like madness that focuses on NBA Live's best quality; the gameplay. Sadly, Court Battles is just one small mode. It can't make up for NBA Live 20's other faults.

    One of NBA Live 20's deepest modes is the card-collecting Ultimate Team, which fans of EA Sports games will know well. There are a mountain of fantasy challenges available right at the start--more than one thousand in all. had fun earning new players and completing the challenges, but the overall experience feels very grindy. To build your team you can slog away at these challenges or pay real money for "NBA Points" to buy new players that you can use immediately. The Store page where you can buy NBA Points is front and center in the Ultimate Team menus, and this feels like an unnecessary and gross, if unsurprising, push towards microtransactions.

    Games are also balanced heavily in favour of offence. While it's true that in general the NBA currently has an emphasis on scoring, here it feels like defence doesn’t exist. Opposition players and teams will score through even the toughest defence most of the time, while on the other hand, offence is made laughably easy for you. Most of the time you’re able to just brute force your way around a defender and drive unopposed to the basket, and at the same time, most jump shots you toss up will fall. Through the first half a dozen hours of our journey in The League, we would have been lucky to miss more than a handful of shots in any of the games we played, which is absurd considering you begin as a lower rated player.

    And ultimately, the same could be said for the game as a whole. EA’s other sports titles have made impressive advancements in movement and core gameplay design, but I left NBA Live 20 still feeling as though it’s held back by the franchise’s rocky history. There’s a feeling within the game design that made me think maybe EA feels afraid to invest too much energy in a series with a history of poor sales and reception, but the game could’ve truly benefited from that extra polish that makes games like FIFA and Madden truly shine. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy LUT 20 Coins from Mmocs at a reasonable price.