And take their Fallout 76 Items money

  • And take their Fallout 76 Items money, you have to rot.One of the most hated thing in D3, as an instance, is your personal loot and not being able to trade or sell items (Same celebration members can trade I know that that isnt what I am talking about). Path of exile has got the looting and trading platform nearly ideal. You need to place Poe as an example


    of how you are able to do things whilst maintaining the first Arpg feel and doing something new. Possessing the material harder and needing bigger learning curve is much more appealing and expands a fun time of Torchlight Frontiers. I expect you definitely consider some of the comments made on this video. If possible I want to get opinions why you opt not to place lvls and abilities perhaps you are able to convice me that they aren't needed.


    I agree that this all seems a bit too simple and casual, please don't be one of those devs who want to go full casual to please a larger public, truth be told, any type of participant, casual or not, will put the effort to learn how stuff work if they actually enjoy Torchlight Frontiers... On the other hand if there is not anything to learn veteran participant will probably won't be playing for extended... hope this won't be taken the incorrect way it is just how I feel and sorry for my english? .


    Do not turn this into Torchlight 3: Reaper of Souls. I'm begging you. Even not having F76 Bottle Caps levels is not so big of a problem if you scale problem correctly with well designed mechanics and enemies. But there better be some serious depth to that skill tree in the future, or this is going to be d3 all over again, with everyone playing build with the same skills since you failed to style courses complicated enough to have variety. This looks so promising, but I'm going to be so damn disappointed if that's what happens.



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