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  • Auto attacking and buy classic wow gold receiving oom. Yes I know that it would be possible to alter it so they are less poor and can compete better. But at what costs. Todo this many small changes would have to be made the true vanilla exerience would be lost. Also you are somewhat in correct when you claim that there will be no ret pallys / oomkins / non healer shamans and so forth.



    Trust me they are there and they'll be a plague to top end guilds and that's why those courses won't be there. However they will over populate more casual guilds and pugs. And one final thing. Its bad for high raiding guilds not to bring the less desireable classes. Thats how competitive guilds works even in retail. You dont attract many or any of those specs which does worse. And sure class equilibrium in retail is much better. But lets be real what's the fucking diference between a warrior dps and a rogue in retail.... I dont want a single change to course balance in any way especially not"only the numbers" because that would alter everything.


    To me the rhetoric shows your used to each of the changes WOW has over the years and understandably to a degree people are concerned about how it will perform. All the other RPG's I love do not permit 2 and 3 different spec choices. Priests cure and Trainers have both hander or sword and board mages get fireballs and that just


    how it is. WoW Classic still give you more options than other WoW Classic RPG wow classic gold games.I see the point you are making. However, I think people prefer what's going to happen in WoW Classic nicely then what is going on in contemporary wow. And what is happening in modern wow is that there is no real distinction and Effectiveness between the courses since it is now.



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