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  • The Elder Scrolls The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold Online's PvP trailer for its highly antipated 4v4v4 PvP manner, Battlegrounds has just dropped. I had an opportunity to talk with creative director Rich Lambert, about exactly what makes each map unique, the various manners, reward systems, his advice and the way Morrowind is the first new chapter is a far bigger story for The Elder Scrolls Online.

    Rich Lambert: So there's three channels, and there's three game modes, and also each map affirms each game style. So there's essentially a bowl that you just kind of move in, and then there is this sort of tower in the middle, and you also get to sort of run around and play through the ruins and climb up on the ruins and really have some high ground to restrain.

    Another map we have is called"Ularra" and that is much more of an abysmal, kind of daedric ruin, and is much more of a capture, control, and hold, type space, where there's sort of a giant stage in the middle and you are able to use these sort of teleporters to get on top of it. A lot of the fundamental flag capture mechanisms, or we are gont see at Team Death Match, which can be among our sport modes. We are gonna see teams kind of desire to hold that special platform because you are able to see the whole map out of it. Now we've got a third map called Foyada Quarry, which is more, just wide open space, where you kind of leap and you are in it and there's not a great deal of line sight walkers, there's not a great deal of columns, however it has essentially a stage at the very center that is on top of lava.

    That means you can knock people to the lava, you are able to pull them into the lava, and also The Elder Scrolls Blades Items what not. So we attempted to, in designing these maps, create the drama spaces feel distinct. One is open, one's more spacious with tight hall ways. Then another one is more simply, there's this central, clear central, ideal place to go. That's how we will focus folks to enter those spaces. How is the Warden Class altering the lively? Not only, I mean, aside from Cyrodiil, how's that changed the dynamic for Battle Grounds? It's gonna be a wild card for everybody.



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