No matter how good Blade and Soul Revolution gold and

  • No matter how good Blade and Soul Revolution gold and fair priced they are. However, for lots of games it's like - eh, I'm fine with how it stopped. And that is for the games that I liked.Obviously, there are exceptions to the rule: not all of games needs a narrative using a suitable end. I am not one to say much since I play Counter Strike on a regular basis - just plain


    amusement, no narrative, no end. Hyrule Warriors also rather falls in this class as it's mostly for local multiplayer game - the single player narrative finished for me the first week after I bought it. For some reason though, for me personally, when it comes to dream, grand sci-fi stories, post apocalyptic, dystopias, one of some other


    genres... I simply feel more connected to the plot and storyline rather than gameplay. So an ending is less or more necessary.Sometimes because you only get tired of it wanna find the central goals reached before they cease to have any meaning, sometimes because you just want to move on to something else. I dun.It started out well, it


    is still fun occasionally, but the mill is just atrocious. It takes weeks/months of grinding buy Blade and Soul Revolution gold dailies to acquire everything maxed out only for my warlock chief to me, and there is new content rolling out in a speed to catch up with all the other regions. I will really never be maxed no matter how tough I try.I can not even bear to look at my



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