Why Is Data Integration Important Today

  • Are you adopting a data-oriented strategy in your business today? Well you should since the world is going for it!


    Only a handful will agree that data is not as important for businesses to operate in a better way and achieve their goals, while the rest will vote in favor of a data-driven strategy. But where does this data come from - Well, living in this digital era, you have countless options to gather, retain and use data when the need arises. Here is the perspective of experienced data integration consultants:






    Data is the most valuable asset you have today and the reasons for this statement are outnumbered. Even if your customers are not a fan of digital technology and social media, they still go online for different reasons and or to explore what is new in the market. It is that interest that is recorded by websites, of course with their permission, and sometimes without it. This data establishes patterns that a specific internet user or customer follows online, hence it is used to target that customer.


    On the other hand, even when walk-in customers proceed to the checkout counter and have their membership card run through the system, it gathers data of what a customer is purchasing, so to register his / her interests. This way businesses know where they need to target.


    Why data silos are not effective?


    Most data integration consultants agree that data silos are not as effective, but why?


    You may be using a number of applications for recording data and other day-to-day matters, which is why your data gets scattered. According to thewhir.com, an average business uses around 13 different business applications. The poor communication between these applications leads to poor communication between departments, systems and their processes. It further leads to lack of ability to meet business goals, and ultimately clients’ needs.


    So you see, important decisions that are a product of misinformation often has disastrous effects.


    How does data integration help?


    Starting with a general definition of data integration, it allows businesses to combine the data from different sources and allow the business administrators and users to view the performance in real-time. Not adopting a data strategy is in this era may be the worst move you make because it will show how change-averse you are, and it can affect the business badly. A data integration strategy is the first step towards transforming your heaps of data into valuable and meaningful information, which previously used to sit in metal boxes in dark rooms.


    Why hiring data integration consultants will be the right decision?


    Data integration consultants can help you with:

    v  A sound growth strategy

    v  How to retain customers

    v  How to increase profitability

    v  Improved decision making

    v  Enhanced customer satisfaction

    v  Streamlined operations

    v  Increased productivity

    v  A clear prediction of the future


    ExistBI is one of the leaders in data integration and business intelligence. Here is a short video of how we implement a sound data integration strategy for businesses: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NlwlY9AbQo&list=PLREDZv-uBI06gW1XsB79KX4gDnU8RndtR.


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