In April, The Sandbox MMORPG Albion Online was changed to Free2

  • The German team Sandbox Interactive announced the conversion of Albion Online into some free models. Then the MMORPG can be played freely. At the same time, a big patch was launched today, bringing a brand new random dungeon.

    When is Albion Online free?
    At noon on April 10, the adjustment will be explained in the payment system. Since then, all players who want to play Albion Online have access to the server for free. The game client of the game is available on the official website, just download it. Or, the sport can be played on Steam.

    What has changed? To play MMORPG Albion Online, you need to purchase one on Albion Online Silver For Sale the starter kit. In addition to game access rights, it also includes gold, short-term premium accounts, and special items.

    The cost of these starter kits is now between 30 and 100 euros. They are currently down 34%. However, by switching to free games, you can completely remove them.

    Any player who purchases this combination will receive a reward by chance:
    Character skin
    Game gold coin
    Old players can also experience for Buy Albion Silver free

    This article covers the general content of this update, the game changed the payment system. Other than that, this brings a different dungeon.

    I will post an artical about random dungeon tomorrow, if you are interested in random dungeon, you can follow me first.