Path of Exile update version 1.15 full patch description (PS4,

  • You can now download the Path of Exile Update 1.15 direction for PS4 and Xbox One. Below is the entire patch description for this update.

    Path of Exile is usually a free Diablo clone, originally released to the PC, then into the Xbox One, and from now on to your PS4. So far, this has been a success for developers who have always released new content updates about the game.

    The latest version of Exile is 3.7.3, which is a patch that will be implemented on Path of Exile Currency PS4 and Xbox One when using updated version 1.15. This update was originally released for the PC, followed by other consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One.

    For more information on this process path update, see the detailed patch description below.
    Outbound path update version 1.15 full patch description (PS4, Xbox One)

    Specific console:
    You can now interact with the Crafting Bench in the hideout, and you can revisit the progress of the recipe challenge.
    The indicator used to show that the incubator is approaching its kill threshold has stopped overlapping the map modifier.
    Fixed a bug. When you pick up an item about POE Exalted Orb the ground, if you press A (or X) and guarantee any of these key binding skills, you can grab the item and use that skill immediately. It's not just about choosing a project.

    Legion improvement
    Most, if not complete, killing mechanisms now play a role in the Legion's encounter.
    If any faction from inside the legion encounters a comprehensive one, a visual indicator will be placed near the boulder.
    Trust the “gemstones into 21 gems” in the challenge of “embrace corruption”.

    Regarding the rest of this update, I will post it in tomorrow's article. You can follow me first.