FIFA 20: We want to see four changes to the Ultimate Team

  • Ultimate Team is becoming the biggest winner of FIFA's recent seasons, but its success has not been completed.
    Many people are playing FIFA Ultimate Team, and many people like it.
    But we still have a long way to go from the ideal game mode, and the costs and features involved may be outdated early.
    Here are some suggestions for what we hope to see on the UT next season...

    For most actions, the SBC is stupid.
    Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) are things that players can submit and receive rewards.
    EA has released some SBCs in 2010, and packages are usually rewarded. Some of these costs up to Cheap FUT 20 Coins 15,000 coins, which doesn't increase the player's score - if you want a higher reward, we need to do more.

    Some game modes don't need it at all
    The single-player season is usually the game mode in the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), which is a game mode that few players have ever played: many people play video game modes such as partition competition and FUT champion.
    Single seasons are usually not worth playing because there are too few rewards.

    This piece looks unfair
    Take the TOTY (Annual Team) promotion after 2018 as an example.
    The opportunity to pack TOTY players with 100,000 coins is less than 0.1% and costs £20.
    A player can save more than £1,000 on Buy FIFA 20 Coins the package, but the prospect of getting one of the players may be 5%, which seems a bit harsh.

    Many players think the sport is scripted
    Some professional players accuse EA of writing game scripts, which means that the game results have been determined before the experience begins.
    This is highly unlikely, and EA Sports strongly denies this, but there is no doubt.
    This may be a regular game error, but most players still think the script doesn't exist...