Albion Online received a major update - Where is the MMORPG tod

  • Large Percival updates may be the starting point for MMORPG Albion Online. But what about today's online games?
    What's in the Percival update? Percival brings a lot of interesting innovations:
    Randomly generated dungeon system extended by a single dungeon
    There will be new monsters
    Introduce more spells and skills
    You can further personalize your heroes, including beards, other hairstyles and more.
    The personal bank can expand
    The city is introducing 20 pairs of 20 battles
    You can visit Crystal GvGs throughout the season.

    When does Percival arrive? The update may be mmoah released on July 10th for Albion Online.

    The number of players is falling
    Where is the MMORPG currently? After the Free2Play conversion, Albion Online has celebrated its major success. The number of players has risen sharply.

    However, it is clear that this momentum is shrinking. After converting to Free2Play in April, you can measure up to 13,312 players via Steam charts. In May, this figure dropped slightly to 12,955 players.

    But now it looks a bit different. In the past month, only 9,142 players were online during peak hours. This is a big change. The number of players has dropped by nearly 25%.

    DDOS attacks can have serious consequences
    What will be the problem? At the end of May, a DDOS attack occurred around Albion Online Silver the game server. These attacks caused very bad results. This has made Albion Online almost impossible to play through attacks, and the heroes used by players are often defeated in the game.

    The situation has improved, but the team is very angry. Compensation is not as expected by some people. In general, the latest situation is very tight.