Albion Online: The fog of Albion has emerged

  • Sandbox Interactive GmbH announced a milestone on Albion Online called The Albert of Albion. This time players can start their new journey, players can get more points and get a 25% reward. The event lasted until June 19, and it is worth noting that it does not apply to S?awa from Tomscords of Understanding and Enhance Points.

    Besides, the developer decided to make small compensation with Albion Silver the player. If the player has some minor problems in the latest updated game, the player can receive some small gifts from the creator.
    All players who log in to the game (from 0:00 on May 17 to 10:00 on May 30) will receive 3 consecutive rewards. So players should try not to miss these rewards because these rewards will not necessarily be there next time.

    Players with limited time experience can get an extra 1 week experience time, to let those players who have not played to experience a lot of these roles. Besides, all characters with active Premium will receive a brand new project, rubber boots, which may allow you to Albion Online Silver For Sale experience unprecedented glory again!

    All players can wait and see and don't forget to receive rewards.