Blizzard-Run Esports wins Twitch's second WOW Classic Grassroot

  • WOW Classic likes to offer something to everyone. Massively multiplayer online Flash games feature player and player (PvP) mode, player and environment (PvE) dungeons and raids.

    PvP is divided into many different game modes, PvE can be carried out in a five-person group, and large-scale raid can also be performed. Blizzard Entertainment has created a dual focus for World of Warcraft eSports.

    Partly focused on the "Arena" game mode, during which 2-3 players formed a battle with another player, and another component of WOW Classic Items Blizzard focused on organizing PvE dungeon games (raid), five of which were Compete with others and pass the dungeon as fast as possible.

    With the completion of World of Warcraft eSports in the spring, how many viewers around the official Twitch channel expressed a decline in the desire for the World Athletics Championships (AWC) and Mystery Dungeon International (MDI) events.

    Although they are very popular with the audience in WOW Gold Classic both springs, weekly events receive fewer and fewer viewers per week throughout the season.

    As Blizzard continues to adopt conservative measures to conduct e-sports activities in World of Warcraft, as the game continues to be highly praised, competitive attacks have proved more attractive to the audience and the desire to launch World of Warcraft this fall. It may also be affected. This caused the attention of countless fans.

    Although Blizzard is no stranger to e-sports resources, such as the Super League, the company's e-sports is not to cultivate the audience of "World of Warcraft." This is the raid race and community-driven content in the method organization, as well as the influence of the Twitch title provided by the influencer.