Blizzard upgrades WoW Classic Beta to level 40 to unlock the te

  • Blizzard has upgraded the level of the World of Warcraft classic beta from thirty to forty and can be tested in the Arathi Basin. For the change in level promotion, a small number of players feel lost. But Blizzard explained that this is not the final decision, and everyone can continue to look forward to it.

    According to Blizzard, players who have upgraded to the 40th level can go to WOW Classic Items several areas, including Stranglethorn Vale, Arathi Highlands and Desolace City. These new maps are highly anticipated for players.

    Blizzard released a known issue of the Warcraft Classic Beta test, including class, battle, UI and texture issues

    PvP fans may be happy to learn that this Arathi Basin battlefield will begin limited testing tomorrow. The test does not include any templates, the player must reach level 20 to enter the battlefield. In other battlefield-related news - Warsong Gulch has been closed.

    For testing purposes, Blizzard also reduced the amount of money required to WOW Classic Boosting respec closed test roles by 99%. In the beta version, the purchase price is not charged in gold, which may reduce costs.

    The beta test has recently started. WoW Classic may be released on August 27. If you are interested in receiving a role name, all players can use their character name by August 13.

    We will open the role creation on Tuesday, August 13. Those who are very active in the game can register up to three characters in the World of Warcraft account.
    The above is the approximate content of this update. I don't know whether you are looking forward to the next game as a fan?