Epic Games acquires Psyonix, the future of Rocket League on Ste

  • A few years ago, Psyonix grew into a very successful studio due to the release of the Rocket League. In fact, the game is very successful and it is easy to forget that Psyonix is ​​actually an independent studio. However, as Epic Games has announced plans to acquire Psyonix, the situation will continue for a longer period of time.

    The news was announced last night, Psyonix said it will "join the Epic Games family." As part of the FAQ, the studio made it clear that this means that the Rocket League will be launched on the Epic Games Store later this year, but support for the Steam game will remain. Psyonix did not explicitly say that the Rocket League will be purchased from Steam after the game has landed at the Epic Games store, but many people seem to believe that this will be the case.

    When it comes to this topic, Psyonix explains: "In the short term, nothing will change! We are still updating the Rocket League frequently. These updates will make the Rocket League new, new and play games. New way. In the long run, we want to bring the Rocket League to the Epic Games store and then develop the game in a way we can't do before. Maybe the player will save a lot of Rocket League Items in the game. We believe that will make Rocket League's more support is everyone's victory."

    Gameplay is usually the same, but thanks to this acquisition, there will be more resources available to invest in the Rocket League's competitive eSports scene.

    Although there are reports that the Rocket League will be removed from Steam at the end of this year, Psyonix said "Rocket League is still available on Steam" and anyone with a Steam game "can still play it and it seems to continue to support." Whether to "continue to support" means that it is still available for purchase remains to be seen. Everyone involved is very vague in this regard, perhaps to avoid strong opposition to many other games after signing up for exclusive rights to Epic Games Store.

    Trying to avoid a rebound is not necessarily effective, because the Rocket League is now "reviewing bombing" on the Steam store page, with more than 1,000 negative comments in the past 12 hours. Some of these negative evaluations are due to the game itself, and some because the players feel that Rocket League Crates, Rocket League Keys are not reasonable, or that the purchase is expensive.

    KitGuru said: The Rocket League has such a huge audience on Steam, and at this point, the game has been around for a long time, so that it is retroactively made a unique fool. It's still possible that the game won't suddenly be purchased through Steam, but it's difficult to get the right confirmation in some way.