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  • Christian Democrats turn to Green for high hopes.

    Popular Shoalhaven mayor Paul Green has his eye on a seat in the state's Upper House and will head the Christian Democratic ticket in the Legislative Council at next March's election.

    He was preselected on the weekend to take the ballot position which would have been occupied by the Reverend Dr Gordon Moyes who quit the party last year to join Family First

    Councillor Green, who holds a bachelor of nursing, is an independent mayor and is married with six children.

    If successful at the March poll, he will join the Reverend Fred Nile Golden Goose Sale in the Legislative Council.

    Councillor Green says he has been motivated by his christian beliefs and the desire to get a better deal for people in regional areas.

    He cites the need for more money for the princes highway upgrade, less cost shifting from state and federal governments and the removal of the state waste levy as among his key platforms.

    He says the most important thing is a straight forward approach.

    "It is another level of politics and I guess what I want to bring to it is the same that I bring to being mayor, there's no hidden secret to the way I approach life, "he said.

    "My family and I just try to love god and love people, there's no hidden agenda from us."

    Councillor Green says he will be pushing a christian agenda based on respect and a fair deal.

    "Family values is what our party stands for, basically staying within the confines of the ten commandments and you know strong families build strong communities, " he said.

    Councillor Green unsuccessfully ran for the senate at this year's federal election.