MyGM and MyLeague Are a Safe Haven

  • If you want a mode beyond basic pickup games that doesn’t involve any sort nba2k20 mt xbox one cash grab, NBA 2K19’s MyLeague and MyGM suite are a solid, but mostly iterative, outlet. The franchise-focused suite continues the text-based story from last year’s game, even though it probably shouldn’t have. You’ll square off against Sanderson in a quest to build a brand-new expansion team that bests the competition.


    That plot sounds OK at face value, but in practice it reads like the most boring string of messages from your work email account. There are also about two hours worth of skippable cutscenes before you start making any real decisions, which makes the cringe-worthy dialogue all the more frustrating. I truly hope that our real-world GMs aren’t making middle-school humiliation bets on championships.


    Thankfully, you have the option to completely ignore the story if it’s not to your liking. Doing that allows you to truly appreciate the new features the mode has to offer. For the analytical basketball fan, there are new sliders to manage every facet of your game including trades, player development and contracts. Customizing these settings allows you to put the gameplay first without being harassed by your staff. All of this is fully integrated with MyLeague online, which seems like it’d be a lot of fun if you can get a big enough group together.


    NBA 2K19 is so full to the brim with content that we couldn’t cover some buying mt 2k20 it in this review. Backed by some of the best NBA sim basketball we’ve ever seen, the surface of this package is an absolute winner. Unfortunately, its ludicrous reliance on microtransactions for the second year in a row is a total disservice to the unquestionable passion that drives the game’s developers and those who play it.