The Jury Awarded Swift the $1 She Asked for

  • On August 11, Judge William J. Martinez considered a motion from Swift’s team to have the entire case dismissed before the jury goes nba 2k mt deliberation. Denver7 reported that Martinez dismissed the case against Swift, saying the former DJ couldn’t prove that the singer got him fired. However, as the network points out, there are still claims that remain so the jury will be back on August 14.

    On August 14, the trial came to an end with the jury siding with Swift, reports The Denver Channel. They agreed that Mueller assaulted Swift and awarded her $1.

    Swift took the stand on August 10. She told the jury that Mueller lifted her skirt to grope her. “The image depicted in the photograph of Ms. Swift with … Mueller speaks for itself,” Swift’s team said of the photo.

    As The Associated Press notes, Swift’s mother Andrea already testified. Frank Bell, a member of Swift’s entourage, is also expected to testify. They will likely explain to the jury why the Swift team contacted KYGO instead of the Denver police. Melcher will probably testify since she is in the photo in question and can discuss Mueller’s character.

    Mueller himself will testify. The trial is expected to last up to nine days.

    The Daily Beast reports that the pieces of evidence in the case include the photo, Swift’s cellphone records, Bell’s notes and Mueller’s emails with his boss.

    On the second day of the trial, Swift’s lawyer, Doug Baldridge, disputed Mueller’s allegation that Swift ruined his reputation. Baldridge suggested that it was the DJ who “rendered himself unemployable” by telling people about Swift’s allegations. After all, if Mueller never filed a lawsuit against Swift, the allegations likely wouldn’t have been made public. Baldridge also argued that Mueller didn’t work hard enough buy mt find himself a new job after KYGO fired him.