See Star Wars: The Old Republic's Biggest-Ever Expansion in Act

  • During EA's Gamescom briefing, the publisher released the 1st gameplay trailer for PC MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic's upcoming expansion, Knights from the Fallen Empire.

    The episodic-based Knights SWTOR Credits Buy in the Fallen Empire launches on October 27. It will be free for many subscribers.

    The expansion "represents the epic go back to BioWare-style storytelling," creative director James Ohlen said over the briefing. For substantially more on Knights from the Fallen Empire, look into the video below to determine five reasons it is time to get back to The Old Republic.
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    The Old Republic launched this year after its development reportedly cost $200 million. The game neglected to attract a large enough userbase to SWTOR Credits for sale sustain its subscription-based model and switched to free-to-play just 11 months after release. However, the sport appears to remain an important contributor for EA, being a recent report found that the experience generated $165 million in 2013 alone.

    Are you awaiting Knights in the Fallen Empire? Share your thinking in the comments below.