Nobody even wants to play Cheap Runescape gold

  • Was awaiting OSRS updates contemplating nobody even wants to play Cheap Runescape gold. Not to mention the fact osrs is losing players because the younger generation isnt considering grinding for four years to maximal an accounts despite a mobile version to play.Add additional security together with the two step authenticator to people's account to prevent players from being hacked.

    Or just enable for us to store our IP address on the account and if another IP address tries to log on, lock the accounts on the initial login effort. Ridiculous getting hacked even with two step authenticator turned on and all this bout social engineering and forcefully recovering an account to hack someone is just something that should not happen whatsoever. People will lose motivation when this keeps occurring.

    For mobile, can you create an alternative in which you drag a thing from best osrs gold sites bag into open space... you can choose to fall that one item or all the items which are exactly the exact same type or similar.Or maybe even potential once you choose to fall on the product, you can chose to drop all. And to be honest, even if you do (I doubt it) I am not certain if I will ever play RS again. I lost interest in RS after losing my cape. And no, I'm not complaining because I can't kill a boss. I had been in a PVM clan at the time and that I have enough cash to obtain a kill when I want.