They began spamming emotes about the Cheap OSRS gold

  • They began spamming emotes about the Cheap OSRS gold fishing dock, and within minutes each and every participant in the Fishing Guild, not to mention that the total Twitch chat of several thousand viewers, captured the joke and burst into a chorus of PogChamps. Each one of these was chanting the exact same name: Swampletics.

    Swampletics is the star of a weekly YouTube series from a participant named Settled. Simply put, Swampletics is a Runescape personality who cannot trade with other gamers, shop any items in the bank, or--and this is the real kicker--leave the swampy area of Morytania. Settled has to utilize the extremely limited funds available in Morytania to advance, and he has to do it all on his own with only 28 inventory spaces--as opposed to countless bank slots--to work with.

    You might think he'll only get a team of maxed characters to runescape accounts for sale carry him through the raid, but you would be wrong. Since Settled explained in a recent movie, his eventual raid team might need to coincide with the equipment and things he's on Swampletics, so the strength of his accounts will be the deciding factor in the ninja's achievement.

    I've been after Old School Runescape for a very long time--hell, I have been following games for a very long time--and I have never seen fan-made content catch fire like this. Every single episode of this Swampletics series has over 300,000 views, and the latest episode frees up over 200,000 viewpoints within nine hours. To put this in perspective, the Old School Runescape subreddit has 331,000 subscribers. Settled's subscriber count has more than tripled--from 52,000 to 183,000--in three months and shift. I talk no hyperbole when I say everyone playing Old School Runescape today has watched or heard of Swampletics.