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  • So you can see that there a justified reason for everyone to be mad. 6 points submitted 4 months ago"Yea runescape 2007 gold we will release those elite skilling outfits, so stop asking" then in 2036 they are still unreleased."Player Owned Farms had a small issue in development and it will be released next month" Then it is delayed again and only comes out next year.

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    Here's the CD ROM every Star Trek(R) fan has been waiting for a chance to build the ship of your dreams. Weapons, equipment, facilities everything has its price. What's the nature of the mission: military, exploratory or medical emergency? Will you need upgraded science equipment or more powerful torpedoes? What kind of crew can you afford? Captain Kirk or Captain Barclay?

    Or scan and import your own pictures to make yourself captain and your friends and family crew (they probably won't cost as much)! Then launch your ship and see how she does. Will your dream ship crash and burn against the Klingons or bring you fame and glory and more credits to build more ships? It all rests on YOUR skills as designer and Admiral.

    I honestly think the whole "The rending of teeth, the taste of blood" on Icthlarin, implies Amascut ends up killing him, since she is known as "the Devourer" and controls a whole army of soul devourers that enjoy rending souls apart and can only be killed by a very dedicated slayer master. Since Amascut is growing in power and she will eventually corrupt Tumeken, thus Icthlarin does have a reason to fear her.

    (This is another crazy theory, but i feel like Mah switched bodies with Amascut when she found her and sealed the real Amascut on Mah weak body, which Seren killed. This would also explain the whole "I not your real daughter", when she speaks with Tumeken. on Phite club), this also could mean Vorago is involved in someway or like some said the shadow could be Xau Tak.

    3 new classes of Starfleet vessels: Oberth, Akira and the famous Prometheus (from the Voyager Episode "Message in a Bottle")7 new missions with better AI and more artAssign custom registry numbers to your shipsSend out 2 ships on a mission at the same timeWindows users can now import JPEG images to more easily make themselves, friends and family into crewmembers. 12 new scriptingcommandsBetter engine AI SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Minimum Windows(R) Requirements:90 MHz or Faster Windows(R)9524 MB RAM minimum 4x Speed CD ROM drive or faster25 MB free space on Hard Disk 640 x 480 capable color monitorThousands of colors80 MHz or Faster Mac OS 7.5 or later (Power PC) 14MB free memory minimum 4x CD ROM drive or faster 25 MB free space on Hard Disk 640 x 480 capable color monitor Thousands of colors

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