I used to play with back in buy wow classic gold

  • I used to play with back in buy wow classic gold Vanilla. Since TBC came out soon BWL cleared, guild never did AQ40 +. I recall so we wouldn't eliminate threat we had to tell rogues not to expose armor. Expose armor and Sunder armor were distinctive, if I recall correctly. From what I remember, if a rogue did a 5 combo point expose armor it made it because expose armor decreased it so warriors couldn't add sunder armor piles.

    You'd find the"a more powerful spell is already active" message. It depended upon how many stacks were I think. By way of instance, 5 heaps of sunder created it a 4 or 3 combo point expose armor would not be able to be implemented, similarly a"more powerful" expose armor would negate the warrior's ability to perform sunders.

    That is only because sunder armor and expose armor were considered"bodily" armor reduction debuffs and thus took up the same slot. I believe faerie fire piled, because it was a debuff rather than a physical one. No idea if weapon proc debuffs like this axe from Maul and sunders or faerie fire competed because nobody used them back. We didn't have many, we still had them. In addition, I remember going on ah to northdale gold wow buy all the mats or buy the flasks straight up.

    They were there. Time or gold made it hard. Maybe they will be really difficult to obtain early on (host firsts( etc) they'll be obtainable by several not long afterwards. Top tier racing will need them, casual tape groups wont need them to advance (tanks might need and a few others though). At least until AQ40. And if we had them, we dropped them by the time we downed the supervisor and got past the trash. Raz is different, but still.