What is that wow classic gold plays like the first

  • So long as WoW Classic design itself is unchanged, it will be fine. Loot trading. This is basic common sense, also got rid of a few of the greatest design flaws of the first game, and as long as WoW Classic layout itself is unchanged, we should be happy.

    I don't have any opinion on the debuff limit.Now shardingI suppose that is 1 thing I'd say I oppose on this list, as I don't think it's necessary.All of these are quality of life improvements which have absolutely nothing to do with the timeless experience. What is that wow classic gold plays like the first. Doesn't need to be a clone. I think most men and women overlook that Classic had a lot of issues, and would quickly change their minds if they got what they desired.

    Loot trading was fairly common when it came to nighthaven wow gold raiding, and it was generally not abuse but rather human error. When you have hundreds of raids occurring with thousands of items looted or being delegated individuals will make mistakes. Someone clicked the incorrect name when master looting, or somebody just picked the wrong item, or there was a misunderstanding etc etc etc.. Blizzard was happy to oblige since in most cases there was no dispute about who was presumed to have gotten the item.