The OSRS community is so toxic that it radioactive

  • With the mess that is BFA I've been heavily considering going back to runescape 2018 until classic. There's nothing that I love than Runescape's capability to carry you on a experience and feeling all my activities inside Runescape are purposeful. As somebody who is competitive in raiding and Arena, doing things outside +/raids/ and stadium feel very unworthy. The"relaxing" articles I suppose for WoW is not anything more than a thing to do. However, in Runescape just relaxing and leveling a life skill is significant and plays into important progression.

    It is pretty much just an endless, soul-less grind. The battle system is a grind without a obstacle, just fortune. I truly don't get the allure, it was fun when I played it but I believe we should have moved on to better things. In addition, the community being friendly is a lie that is straight up, the OSRS community is so toxic that it radioactive.

    I wouldn't recommend Runescape to anybody who did not play it it fights to be buy osrs accounts much more than the usual nostalgia trip.It was my first MMO but I refuse to let the memories cloud my decision, Runescape is a time wasting pile of crap that you spend 99% of the time exhausted simply clicking a place over and above then another 1 percent boasting about accomplishments to individuals who don't care.Frankly it's so huge, that play and STILL enjoy content.

    I played runescape from 2005 to 2012. I quit on account of the manner Runescape was headingdid I pick up OSRS and today it all I play. My wife, who actually doesn't play games at all, even has two accounts (1 members and 1 Free to Play). Sport, truly timeless, and amazing. Before getting into OSRS (that, at this point is a different game compared to the 2007 version of runescape( although much better) I had been playing BDO, GW2 along with some other games.(