That passion icon signifies in Buy 2k19 mt

  • nba 2k19 mt: What the Fire Icon Means

    During a match, you should see some kind of meter along with a number of your character's stats from NBA 2K19. You can build this meter by playing well, performing actions such as dropping dimes, playing defense, demonstrating campuses, along with other motions that help you and your group.

    On the flip side, the meter will fall as you continue to slip up, if its lost shots or playing poor defense, among other items. That certain meter is for the Takeover, and after it is full, you'll get that fire icon in the match. This literally translates into your personality being"on fire," or that you are playing exceptionally well on your game in NBA 2K19.

    Additionally, having that fire icon grants some special animations and badges based upon your character's archetype. You along with your other teammates can active Takeovers in the exact same time, which results in some pretty cool combos during games. In order to get a better look at everyone else's meter, just press on the left bumper button to see how soon everybody is to attaining their Takeovers.

    That pretty much wraps up what that passion icon signifies in Buy 2k19 mt. For more tips and tricks on the game, make certain that you check out our wiki. We have loads of other helpful guides that can allow you to dominate the court and win your games.