I believe wow classic gold will be"easier

  • Fairly excited about WoW Classic, but I will still focus on"Retail" wow. I believe  wow classic gold will be"easier" not simply because of the debuff limit, but largely because the player knows WAY more today then we knew back then. MC was"hard" back in the day, however there was really only 1 mechanic per boss. BWL wasn't much different. Now, there are numerous mechanics for various groups inside a different phase of any boss (sorry perplexing description on purpose). WoW Classic was exceptional not because of the material, but because the player base was literally learning how to play an MMO like warcraft. That said, I am still looking forward to this launch.

    I really expect Blizzard doesnt do some sharding from WoW Classic since I believe that should they're ok sharding the starting zones we might see sharding when AQ is discharged / the event occurs, when Naxx is discharged, when a world boss spawns, or even a community event is organized and sharding in such scenarios would kill the community and game for me.

    I feel like some of the events said could pull many hundreds of individuals to cheap wow classic gold a single zone and if Blizzard servers cant manage a couple hundred people in every beginning zone without crashing then they'll be able to handle those occasions without crashing too.I will probably be surprised if a realm discord server becomes the primary way people find bands. I would expect people to locate groups on the planet chat station like we utilize to I fondly recall spamming a planet"LFG" station searching for groups, selling things, and looking for people to join my guild.