Way much easier to skip cutscenes in mt nba 2k19

  • It's actually way, way much easier to skip cutscenes in  mt nba 2k19 MyCareer compared to entire quitting the program thing from the past year's entry, also. All you need to do, when a cutscene starts playing

    which you simply don't care about viewing, would be to press and hold X on PS4, and A on Xbox One. You will see a tiny X A button icon appear at bottom center of the display, along with a red circle will

    start to fill it around. Once you've held down the button so long that the red circle is all of the way round the button prompt, NBA 2K19 will bypass the cutscene, and you may continue playing, instead of

    waiting and watching.

    Following the absolute nightmare we had to survive so as to skip cutscenes in Buy mt 2k19, it is great to realize that developer Visual Concepts has ensured that players do not need to experience a roundabout

    way to skip cutscenes and instead, put it directly in front of these in NBA 2K19.

    No more quitting the program for you! On the lookout for more tips, tricks, and guides to assist you from the very basics up into the more complex aspects of the sport? Then be sure to take a look at our

    semi automatic NBA 2K19 guide wiki right here.

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