Failure to Deliver

  • Failure to Deliver
    Description: A letter found with a dwarven corpse speaks of any package lost somewhere near to the river north in the farms.
    Reward: Carta Coat, +44 XP, +40 Influence
    Requirements: Kill the mages and Templars on the Crossroads
    Starting NPC: Note lying next to your corpse and overturned cart
    Search the river with the package
    When you get the letter, adhere to Buy POE Orbs the map marker towards the relevant area and look next towards the river to seek out what you'll need and complete the quest.
    The Ballad of Lord Woolsley
    Description: A young man is distraught that his family’s special ram, Lord Woolsley, has wandered off. He can give a reward with the ram’s return.
    Reward: +177 XP, +80 Influence, +1 Power Level
    Requirements: Complete the primary story quest In Hushed Whispers
    Starting NPC: One-Eyed Jimmy
    Locate Lord Woolsley and send him home
    Return to Woolsley’s owner for the reward
    Talk to One-Eyed Jimmy in POE Exalted Orb Redcliffe to begin the quest, then keep to the map marker and explore the area to discover Lord Woolsley who will be considered a different colour to his peers. Approach the ram to acquire it to get noticable you, then come back to One-Eyed Jimmy to end the quest.