Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new expansion next year

  • Square Enix has announced that a brand new expansion is heading to Final Fantasy XIV. Titled Shadowbringers, the teaser trailer points to players becoming a Warrior of Darkness. It could also be hinting at some grander story, but I'm not really sure who these people are or what this has to even do with the FFXIV Gil minute to minute gameplay contained in XIV. Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers is targeting a Summer 2019 release.

    If you don't want to wait that long for new content, the Blue Mage class is coming to Final Fantasy XIV in the 4.5 update. Square Enix uploaded a reveal trailer that shows off a sizzle reel of its abilities. I'm not sure why he looks like Tuxedo Mask, but he seems neat.

    Having to actually "carve" the scales with a button press on the Rathalos corpse is probably going to piss off someone that misses them the first time around (the game does warn you), but like the aesthetics of the questline it's welcome. Oh, and it also ensures that you'll get most of the Final Fantasy XIV Gil rewards eventually by adopting Monster Hunter's material system, and by proxy, the MMO token mechanic already present in XIV.