SWTOR: The life event starts today

  • Life celebrates its 17th birthday in SWTOR. At the Christmas party, you can purchase various items until January 1, 2014. For 1,000 credits, you'll receive a Lifetime Snowball Bomb that you throw at other players. This includes snow-covered packages. For 24 of these little presents, you will receive a Christmas sleigh that makes beautiful bells while driving.

    In addition to the vehicle, there are still firecrackers in the style of a life tree, which you can buy for 500 credits. For 16 components of the SWTOR Credits gray helix and 36 snow-covered packages, you get another vehicle, the Turquoise Ball. Not much is known about the means of transport, except that it comes from the Gree; the rest is top secret. Their ship "Gray Secant" has surfaced again over Ilum during the food festival. However, the Empire is skeptical about the event, as the official announcement in SWTOR's official blog tells. More news and information about the Star Wars MMORPG can be found on our SWTOR theme page.
    The original message and further information about the bomber spaceship class in SWTOR Patch 2.6 can be found on the official website. More news, patch notes and information about SWTOR? You can find them on our theme page about Star Wars: The Old Republic.At https://www.mmoah.com/swtor