Final Fantasy XIV: Details of the editions of Heavensward 2

  • The Bundles will also cost about $ 60 and included as mentioned Final Fantasy XIV and Heavensward - the Playstation 3 versions and the Mac version, however, there will be only digital in Europe. What else is in the physical version of FFXIV Gil Heavensward?

    A figure of a dragon rider, an artbook, the soundtrack and, of course, the illustration of Yoshitaka Amano - on the box itself. Digital goodies include A Flying Griffin Ride, a helmet inspired by Dark Knight Cecil, the Wind-up Cain-Minion and a fantasy armor.

    The pre-order for Heavensward is possible from today, and of course there are extra items for those of FF14 Gil you who are already ordering the extension. There would be a headband and earrings for your heroes and a chocobo chick messenger, as well as the early access to Heavensward, which starts on 19 June. You can find out all the details from the producer's letter to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward