POE 3.3 Witch Starter Builds

  • The blade falls section of effect was wider than intended nearby the caster. The division of effect now superior matches the area the blades visually land.

    The total width of Blade falls part of mmoah effect is enhanced slightly to compensate with the now-narrower first stages.Storm Burst is currently properly modified by factors driven by the state using the projectile (for instance Effective Precision's "Projectiles have 100% boost Vital Strike Chance against Targets they Pierce").

    Charged Dash is restricted to no more than 15 strikes per talent use, together with mmoah.com limited by distance traveled.Static Strike's radius has become improved from 19 to 20, bringing its total radius to 24 at gem level 20. Static Strike's explosion now properly applies ailments with 40% a lesser amount of impact. It was previously applying ailments with no taking the less-damage modifier into mind.