Atlas Objectives replace the Daily Missions in Path of Exile

  • "No masters" may be misleading - our old masters like Vorici, Elreon and Catarina have disappeared. Instead, as masters, we have characters from the previous leagues: Zana, Einhar Frey, Alva Valai, and Niko the Mad. If you meet them, then you may plunge into the adventures of POE Items their respective leagues like Delve, Bestiary, and Incursion. But instead of daily missions, they offer new content called Atlas Objectives.

    On the atlas, for example, we recognize that the card with the bow and the animal's skull contains a task for Beast-monkey Einhar. The turquoise-red stone ring points to the ruins of the Incursion League - here waits Alva.

    Source: Grinding Gear Games In addition to these daily appearing Atlas Objectives, there's a chance you'll unlock another Atlas Objective to Buy POE Currency complete a map. In this way, in the Endgame of Path of Exile, you have more incentive to visit other cards than just repeat the most efficient / fastest ones.