Path of Exile updated The Fall of Oriath will likely be change

  • They'll reap the benefits of new support gems and changes to existing ones, such as previously mentioned switch to the Increased Burning Damage Support, that can now supply a multiplicative bonus.

    Elemental Damage with Weapons is now being changed to Elemental Damage with Attack Skills:The "Elemental Damage with Weapons" stats that have been found around the passive tree, items, plus the Weapon Elemental Damage support have recently been substituted with "Elemental Damage with Attack Skills".

    This has two notable effects:These new stats now modify all of mmoah damages dealt by Attack Skills, not only the attack damage. This means that Damage Over Time dealt by an episode skill, for example Ignite and Secondary Damage (such as explosion from Infernal Blow), are going to be affected also.