Poe Update 3.1.0 probably will launch on Friday December 1st (P

  • Poe're currently nine weeks into your Harbinger Challenge League and also this might have you questioning how lengthy you could have left to mmoah.com do your challenges and what is happening from now until poe next expansion launches.

    Poe plans and dates are being received by alignment so Path of exile planned to maintain you in the loop by what to anticipate through out 2017.Poe subsequent expansion (Content material Update 3.1.0) will in all probability launch on Friday December 1st (PST). This is a full-sized Path of Exile content expansion that will also be that has a new challenge league.

    There will not a Beta just for this expansion mainly because it really is roughly the identical size as other current expansions like Ascendancy and Atlas of Worlds. Path of exile intend to release the poe Xbox A single version with this expansion as close for the Pc 1 that you can (likely a week just after).at https://www.mmoah.com/