Madden NFL may go in "new direction" following departure of cre

  • Stevenson said this is the primary year the corporation has focused its efforts on Madden Overdrive Coins for sale bringing that new generation into the sport. And since those digital natives live online, this is where the campaign is. Stevenson called last week's spot "the heartbeat" of the year's Madden Season campaign.

    It will be slice and shortened to 30-second clips that can air on TV, nevertheless the goal is always to drive individuals watch the clip online, "where the actual campaign is."

    As for a way EA Sports is specifically targeting a younger crowd, it features a few approaches. For one, you have the talent used within the ad. Stevenson said EA polled consumers after last year's Madden campaign to question them what celebrities they'd enjoy visiting involved with the Madden Overdrive Coins emblem; Hart was "universally" loved by that younger audience.