The new Final Fantasy XIV Blue Mage “limited job” is for solo

  • This single-player focus fits with many with the latest announcements coming to your game for patches 4.5 and 5.0. The ‘Trust’ system announced allowing solo players to invite select NPCs to participate in them in FFXIV Gil tackling tough Shadowbringers areas. There’s also the New Game Plus feature, allowing players to tackle older story content because your higher level character, inside a similar way to your single-player Final Fantasy instalment.

    If all of this floats your Final Fantasy XIV boat, here’s how you can unlock Blue Mage. For now, patch 4.5 will come in two parts across buy. The first can be purchased in early January, and also the second – such as the introduction in the Blue Mage – will drop in late March. The next patch can also include new main scenario and side quests, new instanced raids, an alliance raid, plus much more.

    There tend to be more jobs in the future, too but we don’t know anymore than that until now. As part on the Final Fantasy XIV Gil the opening ceremony briefing Yoshida announced that “multiple new jobs” can be on their way. This headline announcement was certainly the Shadowbringers release date, however, which sees us visiting new areas,  which has a level cap increase and loads more. Final Fantasy XIV has already been in our list on the best MMOs you'll be able to play on PC, but thing are shaping nearly look greater by the time next summer comes around.