How SWTOR 5.10.2 Lays the Groundwork for Future Updates

  • BioWare reveals behind-the-scenes details through the technical area of the April update!

    Update 5.10.2 to Star Wars: The Old Republic is without a doubt light on SWTOR Credits quite happy with only the Guild Heraldry and Reworked Preview Window on the agenda. There continues to be some behind-the-scenes work that BioWare thought we would share with us publicly. Now evidently 5.10.2 might be more of a preparation in the future of SWTOR. Big words, I know. Let’s explore the things they mean.
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    For now we don’t know a precise release date and also the studio’s standing of delaying patches often for further fixes, it appears to be that previously few months BioWare is reluctant to announce release dates until shortly ahead of the update is ready. It is the in final summary is 5.10.2 – “Heralds of Victory”. For now we simply know it is resulting in April.Consider white-listing to compliment the site. Thank you!At